Blood Tests related To Fetal Medicine

As part of your antenatal care you’ll be offered several blood tests. Some are offered to all women, and some are only offered if you might be at risk of a particular infection or inherited condition. All the tests are done to check for anything that may cause a problem during your pregnancy or after the birth, or to check that your baby is healthy, but you don’t have to have them if you don’t want to.

Blood Tests related To Fetal Medicine : 
  • 1st trimester Double marker for Aneuploidies –
    BhCG & PAPP-A
  • 1st trimester Quad for Aneuploidies & Preeclampsia BhCG, PAPP-A, PIGF & AFP
  • 2nd trimester Quadruple test (BhG + Inhibin + AFP + Estriol)
  • Non-invasive Prenatal Screening / cell free DNA (NIPT)
  • 2nd or 3rdtrimester screening for Preeclampsia – SFLt: PIGF ratio
  • Parental Karyotyping
  • Thalassemia screening
  • Any other tests